William Kelley Gallery

We understand that buying original artwork can sometimes be a difficult and intimidating experience. Because of this, every work of art you buy on William Kelley Art is covered by our 100% Buyer Protection Guarantee.

If for any reason you don't like the work of art you purchase, you can return it no questions asked - and we'll even pay the return shipping*!

Our Buyer Protection Guarantee along with all of our fantastic tools like the "Zoom" feature should give you total confidence when purchasing art from William Kelley Art. What you see is what you'll get and in fact, buyers on William Kelley Art repeatedly tell us that when they receive a work they have purchased, they are even more impressed seeing it in person than when they first saw the work on William Kelley Art.

With free*, no-hassle returns, it's time to treat yourself to an amazing, original, one-of-a-kind work of art from William Kelley Art!

100% Buyer Protection Guarantee details:

·         You have 2 days from the time you receive an item to decide if you would like to return it. No questions, no hassles.

·         In the event you decide to return the item, you simply notify William Kelley Art and we will assist you with all aspects of the return.

·         Upon processing your return, we will issue a refund for your purchase (less damage, processing and cleaning).

·         Free Returns*: If you decide to return an item, we'll pay the cost of return shipping.


*Free Returns details:

·         William Kelley Art will pay for the cost to return your purchase to the seller up to a maximum of $100.00 USD. You will be responsible for return shipping costs over               $100.00 including insurance.

·         All free return requests will be reviewed and subject to approval by William Kelley Art.

·         Free returns are not available for items damaged in shipment. (These will be handled with the shipping carrier as an insurance claim).

·         Items must be returned via a trackable and insured shipping carrier and the tracking information must be provided to William Kelley Art.